Rules and regulations

1.Access to the FIC is exclusively reserved to those who have been confirmed by the FIC Team.

2.For safety reasons, access to the trade show is subjected to the presentation of a valid ID at the entrance but also to a systematic search of people and luggage. Participants will have to respect security measures taken by the FIC organisers.

3.Access to conference rooms are controlled. People who have registered in advance for workshops and conferences will be accepted in priority.

4.The FIC is a forum dedicated to cybersecurity issues. All views can be expressed as long as they are not disparaging, insulting or discriminating.

5.Commercial advertising non authorised by the FIC organisers is forbidden inside Lille Grand-Palais.

6.No event likely to result in unplanned gatherings in the alleys of the show should be organised without the FIC organisers being informed beforehand and having explicitely authorised them.

7.Participants are aware that the FIC is a public event and therefore accept that the FIC organisers may publish photos, films or interviews in which they may appear before and after the event.

8.Visitors wishing to take photos and films or to have them taken during the FIC for a public use must require permission in advance to the FIC organisers.

9.Damaging decoration or rooms is prohibited.

10.FIC organisers cannot be held responsible for participants’ conduct or behavior.

11.FIC organisers reserve the right to invalidate badges or to refuse access to any person who does not respect the rules or whose behaviour is likely to disturb the event.