Why becoming a partner ?

The FIC has become the European reference event in digital trust. Benefitting from an unmatchable visibility in France and Europe, the FIC is the place for you to increase the value of your propositions and your expertises, and to communicate to the entire European ecosystem. 

Our B2B meeting online platform gives you access to over 2000 end users, major European integrators, as well as French and international government agencies representatives. 

Our tailor made services and packs are also suited to start ups and innovative SMEs, and are designed to meet your various needs and requirements. Join FIC2018 as a partner to thrive in the cyber security and digital trust sectors !

The Exhibition

With more than 240 partners over 10 000sq meters, the exhibition offers you:

  • 6 to 54 sq meters spaces, arranged at your request with the possibility to include a bar or a meeting space
  • A Badge reader system to record contact details of the people you meet during the show
  • Invitations to the Gala dinner, an event where participant can network on the first evening

The Forum

Enjoy custom made services designed for you and your company:

  • Participate in plenary sessions (1 hour), where one presenter and 8 experts debate on selected topics
  • Speak in a workshop with 4 to 5 other specialists
  • Present the topic of your choice in a 45 minute conference, or a 15 minute FIC Talk

Join the 2018 Edition as a partner !

Joining as a partner enables you to speed up your development on European and International cyber security markets and to be identified as a key player in this growing sector.